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The picture below illustrates why we are all raising vital monies. We took this picture of St Bartholomew, Moreton Corbet on our Ride + Stride day. Despite major works they were open with a lovely welcome.


What a day, thank you everyone. Weve never seen to many smiling Riders , Striders and welcomers

Next years date

September the 12th 2020



Are you having any difficulty finding Ride + Stride forms or SHCT Reports?

If so, just click on " About Us" and then Click on "Documents", choose the document or report you need and download it. You will probably notice the Blue Arrow, indicating that the form is downloaded, open it and hopefully this will solve your problem.


Ride+Stride 14TH Sept 2019

Visit as many churches and chapels in your area as you can on Saturday 14th September 2019 between 10 and 6

Cycle ..... walk ..... ride ..... drive ... your choice

As usual Ride + Stride takes place on the second Saturday in September,  so its the 14th in 2019 and runs from 10am - 6pm in approximately 240 churches across the county. In order to see just which churches and chapels will be open please see ‘Click Here’ below .  You can then keep an eye on churches as they register over the coming months. 

If you haven’t taken part before, there is no need for an individual or group to register with us, but we will always be happy to hear that you are! Especially if you are a large group, we can always let a church know you are coming if you want to be sure of a slice of cake or 2! Any questions or queries, email Jenny on

But...if you want to register your church or chapel do please contact us, so that we can send you posters etc and put your details on the website and keep in touch with you in future.

Participants plan their own event, whether cycling, walking (or even driving if they aren’t up to the former) and they plot their route between churches and chapels by using the Register of Open Churches, mentioned above.

Check to see if the churches and chapel you want to visit have refreshments; many do, a toilet; many don’t, a welcome; hopefully, interesting features; always! 

Shropshire has a wealth of churches and chapels and to find out more please have a look on the websites below to see what sort of church you might visit, are you interested in gothic architecture, simple cell chapels, stained glass windows, intricate carved woodwork? 

These websites will help you make more of your visit: Explore Churches on need to get some sponsorship!

Download a sponsor form from the Document section on the SHCT website. ( You will find this under the heading of " About Us")

The money raised on Ride+Stride day goes towards your church and the Shropshire Historic Churches Trust (50/50) . The Trust grant aids churches of all denominations and of historic interest in need of repair. If you don’t have a church it can all go to the Trust to be distributed as grants as needed.

Last year everyone who joined in helped raised £31,252...a wonderful amount, smashing our target of £30,000, so thankyou again to all our wonderful regular participants Churches and chapels.

We are hoping to increase our amount raised yet again this year, so get those legs warmed up!

For further information have a look at the National Ride+Stride Website....Click on The link

 Gift Aid.

We think we are missing a trick here, so we are putting out a plea to you to ask all your sponsors to tick this box if they are tax payers and most importantly, give all the required information. Addresses and post codes have to be filled in to reclaim this lovely free money from the government! If we match last year's figures we can increase our income by almost £3,500's free, let's have it! 

Click here for open churches in 2018  


Can't Ride + Stride? May be you can.

Exercise bike in porch and stay dry  ....(Thank you Whittington)

Benefice Pilgrimage.........(Thank you Stottesdon Benefice) Ring us for details.

Drive and Stride, fill your car with friends and drive between churches.

Choose a project to raise money for, eg. A new church gate?

Use Just Giving, it makes collecting money easy...ring Roger for help!

Do a sponsored dog walk, attach posters to a little saddle on its back....and carry a bucket for extra donations.

Park and Ride, and enjoy visiting town churches.

Toddlers Tootle around the churchyard.

Put out a Donation Box for Ride+Stride visitors.

Visit the national Ride+Stride website HERE


Please contact us, please click on "our title"

County Organiser Roger and Angela Hughes ( temporary)

R&S Treasurer - David Crowhurst 

R&S Publicity - Roger Hughes ( temporary)